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Casole d’Elsa – Tuscany

Last spring, my wife and i returned to one of our favourite holiday regions : Tuscany in Italy

Our first stay was within the walls of the picturesque walled village of Casole d’Elsa. The garden of our B&B had magnificent views over the surrounding valleys.
This was a great opportunity for some landscape photos.

This series is another great example that landscape pictures don’t have to be taken with a wide angle lens. All the images are made with my 100-400 mm tele lens.
Although the fog was a big factor in the beauty of these images, sometimes it was a bit much, so i made good use of the new feature in lightroom to selectively remove some of the fog.


Antwerp museum for modern arts

Recently our photography group got permission to photograph in the Antwerp museum for modern arts. Because we couldn’t photograph any artworks, it was more of an exercise in lines and shapes, and also some experimenting in black and white. Quite a challenge for a landscape photographer, but it was fun.